Spring 2012: Camp & School Special

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Success At School
His Right to Recess: Kids with ADHD Should Never Lose Play!

When teachers take away recess for poor classroom behavior or late work, they hurt not only their students with ADHD, but the whole classroom. Learn why 'losing recess' is a terrible punishment.

The Write Tools for ADHD Students

Your ADHD child struggles with writing or spelling, making it hard to get her thoughts on paper. These high-tech solutions could help her use her words — and let her great ideas shine.

Lend a Hand with Handwriting: ADHD Teacher Tips

The mechanics of writing can be tough to master for students with ADHD. Here are eight good ways for teachers to offer a helping hand.

Solving the Puzzle of Special-Needs Learning

Helping children learn is like solving a puzzle, says this kindergarten teacher. Here's how she makes all the pieces fit for the students in her class.

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Parenting ADHD Children
"Mom, I'm Bored!"

When you hear that refrain for the umpteenth time, don’t blow a gasket. Entertain your child with parent-approved attention-getters.

Teach Kids to Do for Themselves

Take a step back to help your child move forward.

When the Clock Strikes Three

Does your ADHD child return home from school mentally exhausted, physically edgy, and starving — all at the same time her meds are wearing off? Here are ADHD expert Terry Matlen's afternoon meltdown survival strategies for parents and kids.

Shorter Days, Please

It's 3PM, and this parent of an ADHD child is ready to turn in.

Clutter Cures

"We can't use the systems that work for other people. We must have systems that are ours." How one woman tackled her clutter creatively — and effectively — in her own ADHD-friendly way.

ADHD Adults
Say What?

If you can’t help blurting things, you can at least control what you say.

Your Just Desserts

Why you should never settle for second best.

Neat Tricks

These get-organized "games" will keep you on top of things without getting bored.

ADHD Treatment
A Four-Star Diagnosis

To ensure the right diagnosis for your child, first focus on the doctor's workup. Learn what to look for in a quality ADHD evaluation.

Heading to Campus?

College prep could make the difference between passing and failing.

Take the Reins from Your ADD

A little horseplay may help children and adults manage their symptoms.

Homework Helpers

Some ADHD kids — and their parents! — need all the homework help they can get. ADDitude blogger Kay Marner reviews three products designed to help improve learning and focus.

News on Green Therapy

New study finds that nature works its magic.

Build His Strengths, Shrink His Weaknesses

After an ADHD diagnosis, a child shouldn't feel down and out. He should be thinking, "Look out, world, here I come."

Medicate My 4-Year-Old?!

Experts say the earlier, the better. Many parents are not sure.

Camp Success

Three children go to ADHD summer camp and come home with a new attitude, friends, and lots of memories.

It's All in Your Head

Organizing your desk and files can bring order to your life. Organizing your mind can change it.

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