Spring 2011: Camp & School Special / ADHD Relationships
Success At School
Homework Secrets for Kids Who Can't Just 'Buckle Down'

First it's a case of the fidgets. Then it's the distraction over there. Then the black hole of switching unfinished tasks. Studying with ADHD is tough. These mother-approved tips can help.

Executive-Function Deficits in Children

Improving executive-function skills can help your ADHD child overcome frustrating academic obstacles and succeed in school.

When Teachers Blame Parents for ADHD and LD Students' Challenges

My son's ADHD and dysgraphia held him back in a traditional classroom, and his teacher blamed me for enabling his learning disability. How we found a supportive school that accommodated his differences.

IEP Meeting Rights: What Parents of ADHD Children Can and Can't Do During Meetings

Special education meetings can be challenging for parents of ADHD and LD children. Know your legal rights regarding special services and accommodations before you talk to your child's teachers.

Reading and Literacy Skills

For children who struggle to read, here are 5 ways to keep ADD/ADHD and LD students on track and on the same page.

How Teachers Can Help ADHD Students Fit In

Parents of ADD/ADHD and LD children offered these 11 strategies for teachers to encourage distracted, disorganized students.

Martial Arts for ADHD Children: Improve Self-Esteem, Focus, and Coordination

A martial arts instructor explains the many mental health benefits ADHD children experience when participating in this kind of sport.

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ADHD Features
I’m OK–You’re Not!

"The most destructive pattern in an ADHD relationship is when one partner becomes the responsible 'parent' figure and the other the irresponsible 'child.'" 8 more toxic marriage mistakes, and how to remedy them.

Saving Katie

My daughter was bullied in public school because of her ADHD and autism. Finding and switching to a specialized ADHD school helped her thrive academically and socially.

You Can’t Make Me! (Or Can You?)

Children with ADHD are up to 11 times more likely than their peers to develop oppositional defiant disorder, which often means daily arguments, outbursts, and anger-management problems. Many parents find hope — and strategies — in parent management training programs that help break unhealthy cycles.

2011 ADHD School Directory

ADDitude's comprehensive directory of summer school, college prep, and academic support options to help students excel in the classroom and in life.

Get with the Programs

Does your ADHD child need help with social skills, problem-solving and self-esteem, or sharper academic skills? How to choose the best kind of summer camp for your child.

Parenting ADHD Children
Got Games?

What is play therapy? Could your child with ADHD, depression, or anxiety benefit from it?

Better Play Dates

Do ADHD symptoms such as boredom, inattention, and aggression prevent your child from getting along with friends when playing? Here are 5 socializing do's and don'ts to help your ADDer master the art of friendship.

Win the Food Fight

Fajitas...for breakfast? This plan finds creative ways to introduce nutrition — and bend the rules to fit in healthy food choices around medication side effects.

The Joy of ADD?

One parent's story of learning to embrace her kids' ADHD diagnosis and symptoms.

Buzz Excerpt

Author, mom, and adult with ADHD, Katherine Ellison touches upon many themes important to multi-generational ADHD families in her book "Buzz," including ADHD anger -- and how to cope with it.

ADDitude Asked: Preventing Meltdowns

Help children manage their anger with this advice from parents on avoiding and handling temper tantrums. Plus, couples share how they keep outbursts from affecting their relationships.

ADHD Adults
ADHD Sleep Aid

Sleep deficit and attention deficit often coexist in adults with ADD/ADHD. Here's how I treat my sleep problems to get the rest my brain needs.

Win Over Your Critics

Tired of criticism from people who misunderstand adult ADD/ADHD? Turn your harshest judges into your biggest supporters -- and show the world you can get organized, succeed at work, and have healthy relationships.

ADDitude Asked: A Wish Come True

Is there one particularly challenging aspect of your ADHD life? If you could have one wish for the ADHDer in your life, what would it be?

Our World

For ADHD adults in relationships with non-ADD partners, we offer some reader suggestions for improving intimacy, strengthening communication, and supporting one another.

In Their Own Words: Daryl Wizelman

Daryl Wizelman, successful CEO and motivational speaker, sounds off on family, work, and life with ADD/ADHD.

How to Be a BFF

ADD adults: Can't read social cues? Always find yourself saying the wrong thing in conversation? Strengthen existing relationships, make new friends, and improve your social skills with these simple strategies.

Shine at Work

If symptoms of adult ADD/ADHD and learning disabilities -- such as forgetfulness, organization issues, difficulty following directions, reading challenges -- are affecting your job performance and career ambitions, these accommodations can help you succeed!

Is It ADHD, or Is It Age?

It's not always easy to determine whether it's attention deficit or aging that's causing an elderly loved one to be forgetful, distracted, and prone to procrastination.

ADHD Treatment
Brain, Disrupted

With diagnoses of attention deficit, autism, and learning disabilities on the rise, experts wonder whether toxins, inside and outside the home, could be causes of ADHD in children and adults.

Hypnosis and ADHD

Suffering from attention deficit symptoms such as inattention, anxiety, impulsivity, hyperactivity, and sleeplessness? Hypnosis could help as an alternative ADD/ADHD treatment.

Buddy Therapy

Medication and counseling can help treat ADD/ADHD symptoms, but, for many adults, having a good friend is the best alternative treatment.

Stand Up to Symptoms

One way to stand up to adult ADD/ADHD symptoms? Consider all the options you have in life. Here are seven treatment choices I make every day to cope with my attention deficit.

All About the Quotient System

The quotient system is an ADHD test that uses a series of computerized performance tasks and psychological questions to identify attention deficit symptoms. Ari Tuckman Psy.D., MBA, explains.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

You’re easily distracted and forgetful – and not just about little things. When your loved ones become the casualties of ADHD memory loss and inattention, try Ned Hallowell’s ADD treatment plan with practical tips that work.

Your Legal Rights

Robert Tudisco answers your questions about ADD and the law.


This vibrating alarm joins a long list of alarms, clocks, watches, timers, and reminders designed to keep forgetful, distracted people, like adults with ADHD, on time and on task -- but does it work? An ADDitude reader put MY tiny REMINDER to the test.

Tune Out With b-Calm

An ADDitude reader tested b-Calm, an ADD-friendly product that can help minimize distraction and improve focus.

WonderFile Review

Need a new paper-filing system? An ADDitude reader put this ADD-friendly storage folder to the test, organizing his desk and clearing clutter.

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