Winter 2010: Alternative Treatments and Therapies
Success At School
ADHD...And Gifted? Twice-Exceptional Students

A child with attention deficit and comorbid learning disabilities can also be a gifted student, or 2e. Do you know how to spot a twice-gifted student and help him reach his full potential?

Help ADHD Students Prepare for College in High School

Teens with attention deficit will be college ready if they learn these five skills in high school.

Individualized Education Plan Failures...and Fixes!

What do you do when your child's individualized education plan (IEP) isn't being followed? ADDitude asked readers how they get classroom accommodations in place and enforced -- even in the most challenging of school systems.

ADHD Learning: Support ADHD Students in the Classroom

How can teachers engage ADHD students? Elementary teacher Sara McGee offers these classroom tips.

Simplifying Homework for ADHD and LD Students

Students with attention deficit don't need easier work, but modifying how an assignment is given can help them get it done right -- and turned in on time.

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ADHD Features
Holiday Guide: Gift Rap

Our holiday gift picks for the ADHD child, tween, teen, or adult in your life.

Dose of Nature

Searching for natural ADHD remedies that work for children? Heading outdoors and into nature may help reduce symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), such as inattentiveness.

Going Green!

Hoping to find an ADHD natural cure to treat your or your child's symptoms? ADDitude readers share alternative treatments that really work. (And they're easy to find -- in nature, of all places.)

Howie's Deal

"When I was growing up in the 1960s, my symptoms didn't have a name. So, in my case, they were called 'Howie.'" The famous mental-health advocate shares his story of living with OCD, ADHD, and anxiety.

Parenting ADHD Children
Bringing Up Baby

Eight strategies for staying sane -- and even enjoying yourself -- as a parent with ADD/ADHD.

"Are You Listening?"

Your inattentive child may be battling ADHD symptoms -- not willfully misbehaving. This checklist will help you decipher his behavior.

Practice Safe TXTs

Eight ways to monitor teen cell phone and Internet use to help protect their privacy.

Mother Knows Best

As the parent of an ADHD child, keeping up with research and information about ADD/ADHD can help you make informed decisions about the best medication and treatment for kids.

Shut Up About Your Perfect Kid

Parents of ADHD children don't need to hear about the accomplishments of other "perfect" kids. How to combat negative feelings when other parents brag about their children's success.

ADDitude Asked: Parent-to-Parent

ADDitude asked: As a parent, how do you balance your time between your ADHD child and his non-ADD sibling? How do you plan inclusive family activities for ADDers and neurotypical children?

ADHD Adults
Inattentive, Like Me?

As an adult with inattentive ADD, I jump-start my day and find focus with these trusty tricks.

ADDitude Asked: Adult-to-Adult

Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) share what they say to those who tell them to "just try harder."

Go Paperless

How to separate the important sheets from the chaff.

No-Sweat Exercise

Does the thought of scheduling gym time make you anxious? Don't have time for lengthy workouts? Try these 10 easy ways to fit fitness into your day.

Worry Cures

Six tips for treating anxiety without medication.

Relationship Rehab

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) and adults with the condition are NOT the cause of every relationship breakup.

ADHD Treatment
All About Intuniv

Intuniv is a once-a-day nonstimulant medication, similar to guanfacine, used to treat children, ages 6 to 17, with ADHD. Here's what you need to know.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

How menopause affects memory, attention, and relationships as women age. Plus, are the symptoms you're experiencing related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), menopause, or both?

3 Mom-Approved Kid Foods

ADD/ADHD-friendly foods and snacks that contain the nutrients children with attention deficit benefit from and are low on the ingredients that can make symptoms worse.

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