Summer 2009: ADHD-Friendly Diets
Summer 2009 Cover
Success At School
My Son's Very Special Education

I searched far and wide for a school that would embrace my son's ADHD and dyslexia, not just accommodate them. When I couldn't find one, I founded The 504 School.

Ace Every Exam: ADHD Study Tips for Math, Essay, and Multiple-Choice Tests

ADHD students dread the pressure and information overload of final exams. Use these specific tips to prepare wisely for and ace all of your multiple-choice, math, and essay tests at school.

The College Try: Helping ADHD Teens Succeed in College

Use these strategies to give your ADHD student the skills, independence, resources, and motivation he needs to make the grade at college.

Teaching Teamwork: ADHD in the Classroom

Children can achieve real social and academic gains through cooperative learning. These 5 tips will help your ADHD students work effectively in groups.

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Parenting ADHD Children
The Truth About Lying

Everyone tells a fib now and then. But children with ADHD are actually predisposed to tell habitual lies. Learn about ADHD and lying and, more importantly -- what you can do to stop it.

Small Victories: Leggo of His LEGO? Never!

LEGO blocks turned out to be the perfect toy to draw out my son's strengths — and give us both some quiet time.

ADHD 2.0: New Questions in Sixth Grade and Beyond

As a child grows into his middle years, parents need to upgrade his understanding of ADHD and give him a new toolbox of strategies for the challenges ahead.

Real Time with Nat Marner

My eight-year-old daughter has attention deficit disorder. I love her, I really do. But I cannot believe how hard it is to raise a child with ADHD.

Lessons from My Mom

My mother has been a source of support and wise counsel throughout my school career. And I love her for it.

ADHD Adults
ADDers in Their Words: Sculpting Life on My Terms

There is hope for ADHD children — and it doesn't involve medication.

ADHD Self Help: Marathon Man

Running stepped up my focus and self-esteem. The discipline it's given me to complete long-term projects in my law career is the best success of all.

The World Was Waiting for Me: Life After a Diagnosis of ADHD

A midlife woman's incredible quest to unlock — and enjoy — the ADHD music inside.

Pay-Attention Tips for ADHD Adults

Does your adult ADHD get in the way of your paying attention to conversations with a friend or your boss? Find strategies to stay focused, avoid distraction and be a better listener here.

The Perfect Purse for ADD Women

The key to having an organized purse—and life—is in the bag.

3 Ways to Get Organized With Adult ADHD

Simple, low-tech, and down-to-earth options for organizing the day-to-day when ADD gets in the way.

My Spouse, My Child, Your ADHD

How couples can reignite the marital spark when a wife has to “mother” her ADHD husband.

ADHD Treatment
When to Fire Your Doctor

Rushes you through or brushes you off? Dr. Hallowell on when it's time to show your doctor the door.

Your Turn

ADDitude asked its readers: What would you tell fellow parents whose children take ADHD medication?

Problems with Organization?

Problems with organization, focus, and time management often point to inattentive-type ADHD. But learning disabilities can be easily overlooked. Here's how to tell what's behind the symptoms.

We Can Work It Out: Marriage Advice for Parents

Parenting a child with ADHD can strain any marriage. Here are seven ways to save your marriage when parenting problems threaten to split it apart.

Stop the Madness of Meltdowns

When your child has a behavior breakdown, brought on by symptoms of ADHD like poor impulse control, use these parent-approved fixes to pick him up.

Bulimia and ADHD

Adolescent girls who are impulsive are especially prone to eating disorders. Here’s what parents should know—and do.

The ADHD-Friendly Diet

Want improved focus and cognitive function — without the side effects of ADHD drugs? Here are ten foods, supplements, and herbs that can help both adults and children with attention deficit.

Tell All?

Find out if you should keep your ADHD diagnosis hidden at work—and how you can still get accommodations to improve your job performance.

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