Spring 2009: Anxiety Disorder and ADHD
Success At School
Inside the Mind of the Teenage Boy with ADHD

Four ways parents can keep their attention deficit sons on track in high school — and ready for college admissions — even when they refuse help.

My College Buddy System

Like a tough exam, making friends at college when you have ADHD takes work.

Listen Up: 9 Ways to Help ADHD Kids Follow Directions

Students with ADHD sometimes struggle to slow down, listen, and follow instructions -- especially with so many classroom distractions. Here's how teachers can help them better follow directions.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Give Yourself a Break

Raising a child with ADD should be a labor of love, not a recipe for burnout.

The Dessert Solution

Awaken your child's hunger with six simple dishes that are delicious and nutritious.

Where the Heart Is

Children look to their parents for reassurance that everything’s OK. Here’s how to send the right signals in your home.

Will Our Kids Be OK?

There’s a lot parents can do to ensure that their children succeed. Two moms share the strategies that helped them.

Our Trip to Bountiful

After missing signs of ADD in our daughter, we came to a place where we love and understand her better than ever.

ADHD Adults
Short-Fuse Strategies

If you get defensive for no reason—or overreact when there is one—try these anger-management tips.

Nine More Tips for Chilling Out

Always losing your temper? You're not alone. Here's how ADHD adults can improve their anger problems and impulsivity.

Organize–The PDA Way!

Sixteen creative ways a smartphone or personal data assistant can keep ADHD adults on track and on time.

"This Marriage Can Be Saved!"

When one woman's ADHD caused her to drift apart from her husband, she took action to rescue their relationship.

Say Goodnight to Sleep Problems

How to manage when symptoms of ADD/ADHD cause sleep issues.

ADHD Treatment
Digging For a Diagnosis

What you need to know when sorting out symptoms to figure out whether your children have an anxiety disorder, ADHD — or both.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

How parents can explain ADHD to doubters both in and outside the family.

Camp Checklist

12 questions every parent should ask a potential summer camp before registering their ADHD child.

Save Money, Live Better

It's Wal-mart's mantra, and it can be yours—thanks to this ADD-friendly plan.

Women, Hormones, and ADD

The severity of ADHD symptoms will change during the course of a woman’s cycle. Here’s what you need to know to manage them.

Play Dough

A quick four-step plan to help impulsive ADD adults save money while splurging.

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