Winter 2008: Beyond ADHD Meds
Success At School
You're Accepted! Helping Your ADHD Teen Get Into College

Four ways for your ADHD teen to dramatically increase her odds of getting into college thanks to a well-organized, well-executed application.

David Versus ADHD

With the help of an ADHD coach, 16-year-old David Webber turned his plummeting grades around and improved his school life.

12 Steps to Better IEP Meetings: Accommodations Help for Parents

School accommodations help many children with ADHD succeed both academically and socially. Here's how parents can set up productive IEPs and make sure they keep working all year long.

ADHD Children and Attention in the Classroom

If you're not appealing to ADHD children, they aren't learning! Grab your students' attention with these strategies for the classroom.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Problems Solved!

Want your child to take the reins in tackling challenges? Teach her how to think it through.

Call a Truce with Your Teen

Discipline strategies that will leave you on talking terms.

Fishing for Martin

A mom catches another side of her ADHD son on a trip to his prized fishing hole.

ADHD Adults
Laugh Off Your ADD

Finding humor in your missteps reduces stress and helps you bounce back from adversity.

ADHD Treatment
Pointers About the Patch

Whether your child is already using the Daytrana patch — or you’re considering it — this primer will help you maximize its benefits.

Ask the Experts
Your ADD Life

Dr. Ned Hallowell helps parents of ADHD children look on the positive side and learn to parent with an enthusiastic, energetic spirit.

In Their Words

Thom Hartmann, ADHD talk-radio host and best-selling author sounds off on family, work, life.

Happily Ever After

How adults with ADD can strengthen their relationship with a spouse, partner, or child.

Blog Therapy

Need help managing the day-to-day with ADD? Click on these eight blogs for inspiration, insight, and laughter.

Special Report: Alternative Therapies

What you need to know about attention training, diet, and nature therapy.

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