Spring 2008
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Success At School
ADHD at School: Giving Great Oral Reports

Eight tips to help children with ADHD deliver successful oral reports at school.

Procrastination at School: Helping ADHD Students Cram for Tests

5 strategies to help children with ADHD study for that big school test - tomorrow!

For Teachers: Helping ADHD Children Spell

Four motivating ways to help children with ADHD become better spellers.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Going It Alone

If you’re a single parent, you need a plan—this plan—to raise an ADD child.

Banishing Bad Moods

Self-calming strategies children can use to put “mood monsters” in their place.

Finding the Best Camp

Strategies for making sure your child is a happy camper.

Discipline Do’s

How to give your child reliable structure and solid limits.

We Made It!

She raised three ADD children. She survived and her kids thrived. A mom looks back on the happy, maddening years.

ADHD Adults
Having It All

After a midlife diagnosis of ADHD, Randy Schwartz is on a mission to change, well, everything.

Rise and Shine at the Office

To be a star at work, you need to start the night before.

The Simple Life

Eight strategies to keep our wonderful enthusiasms in check.

Ned Hallowell on... Climbing the Ladder at Work

The complete game plan for excelling at your job.

Re-Tie The Knot

When your marriage is rough, here’s how to smooth the waters.

ADHD Treatment
LD and Your Child

How to determine whether your child has a learning disability like dyslexia, and to get the right help if he does.

Benefits of Breakfast

A high-protein meal in the morning can help your child learn through the rest of the day.

Focused Fitness

Here's an ADD-friendly shape-up program that will hold your attention.

In Their Words: Pete Kight, founder and former CEO, CheckFree Corp.

A successful entrepreneur shares his story as an adult with attention deficit disorder.

Where’s the Passion?

Helping your ADD teenager find it is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Bonus: Camp Checklist

Here are points to address to ensure that your ADD child’s experience at camp is optimal.

Camp Checklist

How can you be sure your ADHD child is ready for overnight camp? Here are some tips from the experts.

The Exercise Solution

A renowned ADD expert explains how physical activity changes your brain for the better.

Exercise: How Much, How Long

How to structure your workout routine to manage your ADD symptoms.

The Brain-Body Connection

Aerobics or highly structured exercise — What's better for children with ADD?

Gifted & Talented

Every parent wants to play up his child’s strengths. Here are seven tools that will help you bring out his absolute best.

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