December - January 2008
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Success At School
Taking Good Class Notes with ADHD: Homework Help for Teens

Homework help for teenagers and college students with attention deficit disorder who need note-taking strategies that match their learning styles.

Bolded, Starred, and Color-Coded: A Planner I Can't Ignore

To manage my schedule, I need tools that I can't lose, break, or overlook. My solution: going big to keep track of my college life.

The Academic Check-Up for Students with ADHD: Better Teacher Meetings

Four tips for a more productive meeting with your child's teacher.

Rewarding Good Behavior in the Classroom

Five ways for teachers of children with ADHD to accentuate the positive in the classroom.

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Parenting ADHD Children
The Upside of Failure

Eight illuminating lessons for kids who don’t make the cut.

Give Your Child a Job

Household chores work wonders for ADHD children.

Teens and Alcohol

A guide for parents whose teenagers with attention deficit disorder may be drinking during the holidays — and beyond.

Steps to Independence

Thinking of your teen as a “work in progress” will make this stage easier on both of you.

Father's Days

A single dad with ADHD is doing his loving best to make sure his children’s lives turn out better than his own.

ADHD Adults
Nurturing My Wonderful ‘Turbo’ Brain

Feed your ADHD brain by connecting in as many positive ways as you can.

Older, Wiser—Never Late

At 59, a second-grade teacher learns to manage her ADHD symptoms.

Manage Your Money!

ADHD-friendly ways to track expenses and build your nest egg.

No One’s Perfect

Here’s how to wean yourself from the idea that you have to be.

Say Hello to Social Success

Strategies for meeting and greeting at your next get-together.

ADHD Treatment
Feed Your Child’s Focus

Artificial coloring may make your child more hyperactive. Here are some healthy substitutes.

Product Reviews: The Planner Pad

Three ADDitude readers with very busy lives test out this popular day-planner that promises to get them organized.

Calm the Chaos

Nine strategies to tame the weeknight “witching” hours.

Exercise: A Med Without Side Effects

Physical activity may be good for focus. Plus, it’s inexpensive, self-prescribed, and accessible to everyone.

Balanced Meals, Better Behavior

How choosing the right foods can improve your child's ADHD symptoms.

Neurofeedback: Train Your Brain

Can neurofeedback really help build stronger focus and attention? Here's what you need to know about this alternative ADHD treatment.

Programmed for Success

Software designed to increase working memory may improve attention and decrease hyperactivity.

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