August - September 2007
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Success At School
How to Team Up with Your Child's Teacher

Establish trust with the school teacher of your ADHD child, and you'll create a positive learning environment for everyone.

A Back-to-School Checklist for ADHD Children

Our back-to-school guide for parents of children with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) will help you get an early, stress-free start on the academic year.

Back to School: 10 Conversations to Have with ADHD Children

Make the most of back-to-school time by talking to your child with ADHD, her teacher, your doctor, other parents, your family — and yourself. Here's how.

Back-to-School Resources for Children with ADD

Books, software, and websites to help children with ADHD achieve success at school.

Homework Without Tears

12 ways to make homework less stressful for your child with attention deficit disorder (ADHD ADD) or dyslexia.

Success at School: Reading Help for Children with ADHD or Learning Disabilities

How children with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) or learning disabilities like dyslexia can improve reading skills and achieve success at school.

A Letter Introducing Your ADHD Child to His Teacher

Our sample letter for introducing your child with attention deficit disorder (ADHD ADD) to the teacher will give you great ideas for creating your own.

Setting Up a School-Day Dose of ADHD Medication

A doctor's advice for managing meds during the school day.

My Battle with ADD

In a prize-winning essay about overcoming obstacles, a child with attention deficit disorder explains the effects of ADD on his life.

Children with ADHD: Social Skills 101

Even the most impulsive children with ADHD can learn to get along with the group and make friends on the playground.

Writing Help for Teens with ADHD

Does your middle- or high-school student have trouble with writing? Here's how to help him find and maintain direction while working through the next big essay.

Teacher Tips: Guiding Good Behavior from ADHD Children

How teachers can engage ADHD children in the classroom and inspire better behavior from all students.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Moms Rate the Best Alarm Clocks

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Find help and hope with these ADD-friendly alarm clocks.

ADDitude Picks: Best Organizing Resources for ADD Moms

Check out these must-have books and websites on household management for moms with attention deficit disorder (ADD)!

You're Not Alone

A parent support group can offer the kind of advice you only get from moms who've "been there."

Rise and Shine

From getting up to getting out the door, these tips can ensure good mornings.

Act Your Age!

Your child gravitates toward playmates who are two to three years younger than him. While his classmates play football, he prefers LEGOs — or cops and robbers. He seems happy, but this worries you. And we understand your concern, but the fact is that socializing with younger friends is actually a really good things for kids with ADHD. Here's why.

ADHD Adults
Happy and Moving Ahead

Sometimes depression is a side effect of ADD — as this Ivy League graduate learned. Becoming more successful at home and at work lifted her spirits.

Heading Back to School

Adult learners must find a way to balance home life with homework. Here’s how to make the grade on both fronts.

Always Rushed?

You may get more done by slowing down.

How to Find Your Dream Job

As you make your way into the “real world,” think about what you love to do. The right career will follow.

Mom’s Action Plan

Going back to school? Do it with help from the entire family to ensure everyone's needs are met when you're at school or studying.

ADHD Treatment
Is It ADHD or Bipolar Disorder?

Impulsivity. Over-activity. Moodiness. These symptoms could describe ADHD and bipolar disorder. William Dodson, M.D. explains how to tell them apart.

"Will my child need to take ADHD medication for the rest of his life?"

Not so long ago, ADHD was considered a childhood disorder that faded with age. Not so. Two-thirds of kids with ADHD become adults with ADHD. Get the facts here.

Preschoolers & ADHD

ADHD is traditionally diagnosed after age 6. But if your preschool student is abnormally hyperactive or impulsive, new evidence suggests you might consider an evaluation at 5 years old.

Knowledge Is Power

October is National ADHD Awareness Month — the perfect time to help yourself and others put aside misconceptions and change public opinion about the condition.

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