April - May 2007
Success At School
8 Tips For Your First School Meeting

When meeting with the school about your child's ADHD or learning disabilities, keep discussions friendly and productive with these tips.

Bring Math to Life for Children with ADHD and Learning Disabilities

These five games will help children with ADHD and learning disabilities comprehend abstract mathematical concepts.

The After-School Homework Routine We Swear By

Executive functions go berserk trying to keep up with homework assignments, deadlines, and problem sets. Lighten your child's load by using the after-school homework routine that teaches scheduling and prioritization skills.

Teacher Solutions to High School Behavior Problems

How teachers of students with ADHD can keep the peace in their classrooms by learning to defuse anger.

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Parenting ADHD Children
Protecting Children from Accidents

What you must do this summer to keep your children safe.

Keeping Tykes Tidy

From toys to books to artwork and sporting equipment, kids have lots of stuff. Here’s how to transform chaos into order.

Secrets of Success for ADD Athletes

Get the accommodations your child needs — in the gym and on the playing field.

A Successful Summer

Your child’s school vacation can be fun, safe, and productive. The key is to plan for it.


Does your youngster need help staying motivated? These eight simple rules will help defeat defeatism.

Stretching the Truth

The impulse to tell fibs does not make your ADHD child a bad person.

Among Friends

What’s it like to be friends with someone who has ADHD? Let’s ask my best friend...

ADHD Adults
Overcoming the ADHD Stigma

Steven Hinshaw, Ph.D., shares his secrets for fighting stereotyping.

A New Perspective

When his kids were diagnosed with ADHD, Neil Peterson finally saw how restlessness had fueled his own career — and frustrated his former wives.

Food for Thought

Are you too intimidated to cook? Maybe the problem isn’t you — but the way your kitchen is set up.

Getting Things Done

The biggest challenge facing my clients? Making productive use of their limited time.

Driven to Distraction?

To stay safe behind the wheel, slow down, pay attention — and make use of high-tech help.

Be Like Mike!

It’s easier than you might imagine to cast off pessimism — and uncover a happier, more successful you.

Seven Helpful Habits

Every adult with ADD has special talents. The trick is to uncover them–and use them to achieve important goals.

Helping the Teacher Help Your Child

What does it take to line up the special services your child needs to succeed at school? It takes a game plan — and the ability to push without seeming pushy.

Saying Yes to Mess

Maybe clutter isn’t such a bad thing, after all. An emerging movement encourages us to embrace chaos and discover the benefits of disorder.

How to Raise a Superstar

Here, the mother of history's most decorated Olympic athlete, Michael Phelps, explains how he overcame and harnessed his ADHD symptoms as a young swimmer and student. Need some parenting advice? Likewise, the parents of "Extreme Makeover" star Ty Pennington and world record-breaking climber Danielle Fisher offer inspiration and strategies.

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