December 2006 -January 2007
Success At School
Coach Your Child to Academic Success

Three real-world scenarios teach parents how to foster independent thinking skills in children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Bullying at School: Is Your ADHD Kid a Victim?

Is your child teased and tormented at school? How to find out the truth and help your child prevent further bullying.

Tracking School Progress for Children with Learning Disabilities

Why parents should check in with teachers half-way through the school year and adjust their parenting skills to ensure academic and social success.

How One Teacher Changed My Life

How a teacher's simple gesture and undying encouragement helped me overcome embarrassment and fear as I battled learning disabilities.

Cracking the SAT Code

Standardized tests can intimidate and unravel any student. Four tips to help high schoolers with ADHD and learning disabilities perform better.

How to Encourage Class Participation

Expert strategies to help teachers elicit good in-class participation from all students -- especially those with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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Parenting ADHD Children
The Purple Notebook

Once I stopped seeing my son as a “diagnosis,” his behavior turned around. There was no longer a need to expect the worst.

I Resolve, Therefore I Will… Maybe

Every January, I figure out what I need to do to pull myself together. This year, I may actually act on my plan.

ADHD Adults
Sharing His Gifts

Brian Polk knew he was smart, but it took more than intelligence to earn his college degree and become a teacher.

On the Road Again

Because I have moved eight times in six years, you might think the process would be second nature to me. You would be wrong.

Your Wandering Mind

Whether you’re still in school or all grown up, these six strategies will help you pay attention to the important stuff.

Holiday Spending Success

Keeping a journal is a great way to get a handle on out-of-control spending during the gift-giving season. Five minutes a day is all it takes.

Weather the Storm

A three-step plan to get ready for disasters of all sorts.

Secrets of Job Success

ADD-friendly tips for finding happiness and success on the job.

Do You Need a ‘Do-Over’?

Want to reconnect with someone special? All you have to do is ask for a second chance.

ADHD Treatment
Neuroscience 101

Over the years, I've found that parents often feel better about ADHD medication when they understand a bit about neurotransmitters, the remarkable compounds that govern brain function.

Quick Ways to Conquer Clutter

Is your desk piled high with papers? Here’s how to get out from under.

The Diagnostic Puzzle

It can take a while to get an accurate diagnosis — and line up effective treatment — for kids with behavioral or learning problems. Here’s what parents can do to hasten the process.

Top 10 Questions About Meds... Answered!

Before considering ADHD medication for your child, you want to know how they work, what risks exist, and what dosages and frequencies are normal. Here, experts answer these and other frequently asked questions about treating your child's attention deficit disorder.

Married To It

...but living with them is another matter (especially if you're a neatnik). The good news: With a few dry erase boards and a sense of humor, you can make it work. Here's how.

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