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What is ADDitude?
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What is ADDitude Magazine and ADDitude Online?

ADDitude, the country's number one destination for families and adults living with ADD and learning disabilities, is dedicated to helping families live successful and happy lives — at home, at school, at work, and in their communities.

ADDitude provides expert guidance and inspiring life stories from the experts in the field and from parents and adults offering advice and inspirational stories. ADDitude’s annual Success at School and ADD Awareness Day features, available each year in August and September, are nationally recognized for their advocacy effectiveness.

ADDitude magazine, launched in 2000, prints four issues a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) from New Hope Media.

ADDitude Subscriptions

How can I subscribe to ADDitude's quarterly print magazine or order a gift subscription?
A one-year subscription (four issues, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) costs $24.99. A two-year subscription costs $39.99.
Subscribe to ADDitude
Give a Gift Subscription

How can I change the address on my subscription? Or report a problem with my subscription (i.e. missing or damaged issue)?
Click here to fill out a form that goes directly to our Customer Service department. Or, you can contact ADDitude’s toll-free customer service at 888-762-8475.

How can I renew my subscription to ADDitude? Or find out when my subscription expires?
Click here to inquire about your subscription or check your expire date.

Other subscription inquiries or questions?
Click here or call ADDitude’s toll-free customer service number: 888-762-8475.

ADDitude Single Issues, Reprints and Special Publications

How do I purchase a back issue of ADDitude?
Most back issues are available. To find out about availability, pricing, and to order, click here.

How can I request permission to reprint an ADDitude story on my web site or in my publication?
You may seek permission for reprinting an article in its entirety, but we do not grant permission to print only excerpts of our articles. Reprinted articles must include the ADDitude copyright information and bylines for the author. Submit this online form, and a representative from ADDitude will contact you shortly.

How do I purchase an ADDitude Special Publication such as “Success at School?”
Purchase a Special Publication from ADDitude here.

Where can I buy ADDitude on the newsstand?
ADDitude is for sale at select bookstores across the country. Most Barnes & Noble superstores, Borders, and bookstores in the Books-a-Million chain carry ADDitude.

ADDitude Online

How do I read ADDitude online?
The digital edition of ADDitude is free for print subscribers in the U.S. and Canada. Digital-only issues are available for international subscribers. If you are a subscriber, you will receive an email as soon as a new issue becomes available. Click here for more information.

ADDitude is also available as a free app for Apple and Android devices, and Kindle Fire.

What is ADDConnect?
ADDConnect is an online support community for ADHDers, as well as their parents, spouses, and teachers.

How do I add my professional practice, school, camp or product to the ADDitude Online Directory?
Click here for Directory sign-up information.

ADDitude Editorial

How do I contact the editors of ADDitude?
We love hearing from you. Letters may be edited for length of clarify. Please include contact information (a daytime phone or email address) for verification purposes.
Click here to send a letter to the editor.
Click here to view additional contact information for ADDitude.

I'd like to write for ADDitude. How do I do that?
Click here to learn more about our writers' guidelines.

How to I submit a reader tip to ADDitude?
Click here to submit a real-life tip for other parents, children and adults living with ADD, ADHD, or learning disabilities.

ADDitude for Advertisers and Media

I am interested in advertising on ADDitude Online or in ADDitude Magazine. Whom should I contact?
For information about advertising, please contact Anne Mazza at 646.366.0844 or click here to email her.

Download ADDitude’s Media Kit below...

I'd like to contact your media relations department. Whom should I get in touch with?
ADDitude welcomes contact from media professionals working on articles about ADD or learning disabilities. We can put you in touch with experts, writer, and families for TV segments, radio spots, or print stories. Click here for ADDitude’s Press Room.

Please note: this is not the contact for submitting queries or press releases; for those see Writer's Guidelines.

Customer Service

How do I contact customer service?
Click here. Or call ADDitude’s toll-free customer service number: 888-762-8475

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