The Life You're Supposed to Be Living

Struggling to achieve happiness and self-acceptance in a life with attention deficit? You have it inside, says author Stacey Turis — now look within and find it!

Stacey Turis, author of Here's to Not Catching Our Hair on Fire, smiles calmly, surrounded by trees

Listen to that voice you've been ignoring that tells you you're something special and extraordinary. It's real!

— Stacey Turis, author

My message is about self-acceptance. Our problem is that our opinions of ourselves are based on what other people think of us. We never sit back and check ourselves out.

Stop listening to the voices around you and get to know who you are. No more beating yourself up for your perceived weaknesses — it's a waste of energy that should be used to find your gifts and create the life you know you're supposed to be living.

Instead, listen to that voice you've been ignoring that tells you you're something special and extraordinary. It's real! How do special and extraordinary beings — like you and me — live their lives? Certainly not by the standards of common folk. Dance to your own song, follow your own path, project your own colors, and live the way your heart, guts, and soul tell you is right.

You'll end up where you're supposed to be. When you get there, don't think about tomorrow or yesterday. Revel in the fact that every layer of your being is happy with where you've landed. It's beautiful!


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