Have You Homeschooled Your ADHDer?

Many parents think about taking on their child's education themselves. Have the classroom challenges of attention deficit made you consider homeschooling?

We've done one year of homeschooling, and it has changed my son's attitude toward learning. He wants to learn -- and he's not being labeled or picked on anymore.

Amanda, Canada

ADDitude asked: Have you homeschooled your child, or are you considering it?

I did not homeschool my child, and I regret it. I think I would have been able to help him maintain his self-esteem, which was damaged by his teachers' heavy criticism. -Lisa, Missouri

No. I would go nuts staying at home. -An ADDitude Reader

As a single parent, this is not an option for me--but having suffered through eight years of school with my gifted ADHD child, there is no doubt that it would have been the best choice. Not being able to homeschool her is my biggest regret. -An ADDitude Reader

My son will be repeating seventh grade this year, but I won't be teaching him. He will be attending Virtual Charter Academy, an online public school. All materials are provided, even a computer and printer. The academy will pay for Internet service. Every state has this option. Go to k12.com and see for yourself. Regular public school has let my son down since kindergarten. -Shari, Louisiana

I don't think homeschooling would work for our family. Instead, we are sending our son to a private Christian school, where the classroom sizes are smaller and the kids are more tolerant. My ADHD son is well behaved at school and does most of the things he's asked to do the first time, which is a big difference from home life! -Stephanie, Massachusetts

We will be homeschooling our 10-year-old next school year. Public school has not been able to meet his needs. -Tammy, Texas

I tried to homeschool my ADHD child, and I didn't know why I was having such a hard time, until I was diagnosed with ADHD myself. I don't recommend homeschooling for parents who have the disorder. -Valerie, Maryland


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