School Guidance and Gizmos

High-tech gadgets and low-tech resources to help parents and children with ADHD or learning disabilities at school.

If your child takes medication for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), make sure it's administered on schedule and that it's working as intended. ADDitude Magazine

From books and CDs to timers and lightweight keyboards, there are a variety of resources to help parents and children with ADHD or learning disabilities succeed during this school year, and beyond. Here's our short list.

Bookshelf essentials

For Parents:

Widely regarded as the definitive manual for all parents of children with AD/HD or learning disabilities, Wrightslaw removes the guesswork from the special-education system. Read it before your next IEP meeting to secure the best services for your child.

For Parents and Teachers:

Every teacher and parent should have this resource at hand! After a strong overview of the disorder, Rief offers the practical classroom strategies - complete with dozens of charts and templates - that our kids in grades K-12 need to find academic success.

For Students:

For ages 5-9:

Each of these books gives a clear idea of the challenges children with ADHD or LD face in the classroom. Kids will identify with the narrators, and adults will appreciate the "Ten Tips for Teachers" section at the back of each book.

For ages 8-13:

Quinn and Stern do an excellent job of explaining ADHD to children without talking down, and the book's upbeat tone makes it clear why it has become a classic in the ADHD world.

For ages 14 and up:

Cole and Mooney were both "late bloomers" who didn't let early educational setbacks define them. In their "straight from the trenches" handbook, they remind ADHD and LD high school and college students that education can be liberating, rather than constrictive, and give them the tools to take control of their academic careers.

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