Never Lose Your Keys Again!

Get organized with these tiny electronic devices and keep track of valuable possessions -- including your sanity as an adult with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD).

Pocket Helpers

If it's losing your way that's the problem, Brookstone's Microbeam Flashlight (from should help you stay on the right path, even in the dead of night. The tiny LED light is so powerful it can be seen from a mile away, and the bulb will last for years.

Keeping track of things goes a long way toward preserving your sanity -- and boosting your productivity. But there's more that you can do -- many problems you can solve -- with pocket-sized electronic devices. Radio Shack will sell you a key chain with a built-in clock, timer, and voice recorder. Need to be somewhere soon? Set the timer and record a message for yourself: "Leave for lunch date." When the alarm sounds, heed the recorded message and be on your way.

If you're a professional on the go, or a latte-lover looking for a coffee shop with a wireless Internet connection, the Mobile Edge WiFi Signal Locator (available at can be a real time-saver.

The four-bar LED indicates signal strength, and fends off false readings caused by microwaves and portable phones. You can attach it to your key chain or laptop case and head straight for the nearest hot spot. One drawback: It doesn't tell you where the Internet access is free.

Let's say your problem isn't one of hooking up to the Web, but of keeping track of valuable computer data. I was always e-mailing files between the various computers I used, just to make sure I had the data I needed wherever I happened to be. A huge hassle, to say the least, and, as often as not, I forgot to attach the files before sending the e-mail.

Well, there's now a wide array of "flash drive" memory storage devices that do double duty as key chains. No larger than a fingernail clipper, these devices can carry a gigabyte of memory or more. Odds are, you won't need nearly that much data.

Basic 64-megabyte (MB) units can be had for for very little, with 128-MB units starting a bit above the smaller model. The Dane-Elec 256MB zMate Pen USB 2.0 is available at in a variety of colors. (The 128-MB version costs $19.99.) This device attaches to a lanyard and wouldn't look bad worn around your neck. (I know, who would have thought of a disk drive attached to one's neck as looking cool?)

With my trusty new devices, I'm no longer leaving things behind, forgetting files, or showing up late to appointments. (Well, not as late, anyway.) I'm calmer, too. My only fear is that the batteries will run down - or that I will lose my eyeglasses or something else which I neglected to hook up to a locator tag.

Maybe it's time to consider contact lenses?

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