Insist on the Best — You're Worth It

Low self-esteem triggered by ADHD can condition us to settle for second-best. But don't let a lack of confidence prevent you from reaching for what you want — and what you deserve.

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With ADHD, it's easy to accept second best.

I was going to buy a box of pudding pops in the grocery store the other night. But as I reached into the freezer case, I noticed they cost $4.99. I thought, "They should cost $3," and put them back.

Why couldn't I buy the pops? Probably because the thing I wanted was staring me in the face, and having it was too much to comprehend. As a fellow ADDer, I'm certain you do the same thing.

There's something that you want, deep down, but it takes a bit more investment to procure or to achieve than you had anticipated. It could be a thing, but it could also be getting together with an old friend who makes you feel happy, updating your resume, or learning to knit.

If you're like me, you probably have an impressive track record of starting and not finishing things, and the low confidence that comes along with it. So you don't work on your resume because employers won't hire you anyway, or bother to call your friend.

With attention deficit, it's easy to accept second best. We're used to everything being harder for us than for non-ADDers. But don't use your ADD to justify not trying to achieve something that you want. If you do, you're like the lady who shivers in the frozen foods aisle as she tries to justify spending an extra $2 for something that will keep her happy for a week.

Excerpted from the blog ADD-Libbing.


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