The Write Tools for ADHD Students

Your ADHD child struggles with writing or spelling, making it hard to get her thoughts on paper. These high-tech solutions could help her use her words — and let her great ideas shine.

Free Writing Tools on the Web


This site allows students to create mind maps for a long-term project. To make ideas interesting, children can embed video and audio into the map and also collaborate with peers to flesh out ideas. Maps can be exported to Microsoft Word and Excel.


Universal Design for Learning Tech Toolkit
This website offers free resources to help students with the writing process, such as text-to-speech features and graphic organizers.

This software comes with a literacy toolbar that includes mind mapping, screen masking, word prediction, a talking dictionary, and text-to-speech to help students convey their thoughts in writing.


The site is meant to improve a child's spelling and vocabulary skills. Features include word games, such as crossword puzzles, HangMouse, and other activities that use the words entered by the user. Users can hear words read aloud to them, on their own or used in a sentence.


This site uses images and graphics from Flickr, Google, and Yahoo to convey the meaning of words.

Visuwords The site helps students understand a word’s meaning by demonstrating its connections to other words through diagrams.


Success at School
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