Organize Your Mind... and the Rest Will Follow

You lose your keys, forget meetings, and miss deadlines. ADHD has introduced chaos, but it's within your control to cultivate these simple habits of thought. Follow these tips to change your thinking and regain control of your life.

"This is all just too much..."

Stress caused by distraction and disorganization can lead to an overall deterioration of physical and mental health. When you feel like your check-engine light is flashing, hit the reset button with these strategies to reduce stress.

+ Take a few moments a few times a week to review what you've got going, the good things in your life that you should be grateful for. This may sound trite, but it will help you shift to a more positive footing.

+ Redefine who you want to be — moving from stressed-out wreck to what? Calm and confident? Who's your role model?

+ Turn priorities upside down and take care of your health first, which will give you more energy, balance, and calm to get things done.

+ Find one health behavior to get under control—just one. Maybe it's exercise, and, perhaps, exercising someplace more convenient than the gym will take less time. So get out and walk or buy a workout video you can do at home. You'll be doing something good for your health and your stress level.

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