Organize Your Mind... and the Rest Will Follow

You lose your keys, forget meetings, and miss deadlines. ADHD has introduced chaos, but it's within your control to cultivate these simple habits of thought. Follow these tips to change your thinking and regain control of your life.

"I am barely hanging on here."

How do you avoid the sense that you can't get ahead because you're trying to keep up with the constant wave of demands on your time? By striving for control that supports calm, having confidence that everything will get done, and by taking satisfaction from accomplishing things. To regain these important qualities, try these at-work accommodations to help you establish a time-zone diet:

+ Schedule interruption-free zones, the most productive times each day. Start with 15 minutes, then 30, and build up to several hours a day over a few months.

+ Schedule zones to deal with interruptions when you need a break from demanding projects -- say 20 minutes per day -- to check texts, calls, Tweets, and so on.

+ Practice not looking at texts, e-mails, and such when you are in an interruption-free zone. You'll enjoy the sense of control that comes from not responding in knee-jerk fashion.

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