Organize Your Mind... And the Rest Will Follow

Has ADHD left you overwhelmed by distraction and chaos? Cultivating these orderly habits of thought can help you regain control of your life.

"I thought I was doing it all, but..."

If you are concerned that you can't multitask, don't fret. Research has shown that multitasking isn't effective. Singletasking is better.

Each task, brief or otherwise, is best done with your full attention, not a quarter, half, or even three-quarters of it. Whether you're talking to your kids, answering an e-mail, or looking at the window to appreciate something pretty, bring your entire consciousness to each task.

Imagine it like turning your head and fixing your gaze on another, and connecting fully, as we do when we are falling in love and want to send a sign of our feelings. You need to make a clear break, a mental transition from task to task and not let the previous task or future task infect the current one. When you bring your full presence to a task, time slows down and expands, and much can get done in small moments.

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