Organize Your Mind... And the Rest Will Follow

Has ADHD left you overwhelmed by distraction and chaos? Cultivating these orderly habits of thought can help you regain control of your life.

"Ugh, this place is a mess!"

It's amazing how clutter can impact the brain, making it feel as out of control and unapproachable as our sock drawer. Don’t you envy the people who can tolerate, even enjoy, chaotic mess and seem immune to it?

Decluttering your life requires a long-term plan, but why not start today by taking the small, gradual measures needed to untangle the mess and restore order, both outside (home/office) and inside (your brain).

+ Get a partner -- your child, mate, or friend -- to help you declutter. A work buddy can offer a fresh perspective; he can see the sky from the messy weeds. Be open to his suggestions about what should go where and make it fun. After a few hours of decluttering, celebrate your teamwork and productive time together by enjoying a good meal (your treat!) or going for a long walk.

+ After a session with your friend or mate, schedule solo decluttering periods of an hour, once a week at first, and, eventually, once a month, to make sure you stay on top of things.

+ Schedule ongoing decluttering time -- 15 minutes per week -- to keep rooms under control.

+ Be sure to focus on and appreciate how many areas have been brought to order along the way, not on how much is left to do.

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