Top 5 SAT Prep Tips for Students with ADHD

Doing well on the SAT is not as much about how much you have learned as it is about how sharp your brain is on test day. Here’s a plan to keep it fresh and at attention.

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> Starting the Monday before the test, get eight hours of sleep each night.

> Assuming you will be taking the test on Saturday, don’t study after Wednesday night.

> Don’t study for school tests on Thursday or Friday. See if you can switch any tests scheduled for those days to the week after. If not, do your studying on Wednesday night.

> Get together the things you’ll need the night before: admissions ticket, photo ID, four No. 2 pencils, eraser, calculator, backup calculator, extra batteries, watch (make sure it doesn’t beep; no other type of timer is allowed), snack, water, and lunch.

> The day of the test, don’t sleep late. Give yourself an extra 15 minutes to get ready. Make sure to keep your regular routine, including taking your ADHD medication. Eat a healthy breakfast, avoiding sugar, fat, and excessive caffeine, all of which can slow your brain.

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