Work-Arounds: Our Readers' ADHD Organization Tricks

From carabiners to Sharpies and baskets to timers, ADDitude readers share their clever, easy, and practical ways of staying organized with adult ADHD.

ADDitude asked adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD): What's your best strategy for keeping yourself organized?

I use carabiners to clip my keys to my purse or a belt loop, so that I always know where to find them. I also started a support group for women with ADHD, so I wouldn’t feel so alone. The emotional bond boosts my confidence, which helps me stay on track. -Christine, California

I bought a cheap (extra) cell phone for backup when I lose my main cell phone. And I will. -An ADDitude Reader

I recommend sticky notes and Sharpies. I have pads of them in my kitchen, den, by all the telephones and computers in the house, in the car, and next to my bed. I write things down wherever and whenever they come to me! -Tiffanie, California

I put things in baskets. I label them and throw bills, coupons, and receipts in the appropriate one. If I want to return a sweater I bought, I can find the receipt. -Emily, New York

I write important things down on brightly colored paper! It’s easier to find an orange or green to-do list if (and, inevitably, when) I misplace it. Many times I tape my list to my front door as another reminder. -Amy, Montana

The things that work, when I remember them, are timers, inspiring spiritual quotes, keeping all to-do’s in one small notebook, or asking my husband for help. -Cassie, Connecticut

I set a reminder on my phone every day to take my meds. I use the most annoyingly fun ringtone I can find, so it’s sure to catch my attention. -Heather, Arizona

I write myself a note and stick it in my pocket. When I reach for something in my pocket, I see what I need to do. -Amanda, Georgia

I enlist friends to make sure that I put things in my calendar. If they don’t see me write it down, they insist that I do -- or it won’t get done. -Lisa, North Carolina


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