Parent Power: Fierce Love, Impossible Work

"Your job is greater than you ever expected and more taxing than anyone knows. Some days you just want to give up... but you go on loving your ADHD child in the face of all the adversity and nasty comments." - Dr. Ned Hallowell

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I have ADHD, as does my daughter and one of my sons. If you have a child diagnosed with the condition, it's important to help him feel good about himself.

In my daily practice, I see and treat kids with attention deficit disorder. Being with them usually makes me smile. They have a special something -- a spark, a delightful quirk that they sometimes try to hide. I seek it out and try to nurture it.

You should do the same. Search for and promote your child's strengths as you deal with his challenges. When your child feels good about who he is and what life has to offer, he will be happy and successful.

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