Can't Take Him Anywhere? How to Stop ADHD Tantrums

Does your ADHD child suffer public meltdowns too often? Here are five ways for parents to prevent, react to, and stop ADD-fueled temper tantrums.

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Boy eating happy meal

Do too many of your family meals out resemble wrestling matches worthy of WWE? What about that episode at the mall? Or that meltdown in church?

Some parents of ADHD children are held hostage by their child's bad behaviors, unable to go out to dinner, the movies, or anywhere, for fear of their ADHD child throwing a tantrum.

Say you're in your favorite fast food place. Everyone is hungry, there's a wait to order your food, and your child begins whining and having a meltdown. What do you do?

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Be Very Specific
Yell On the Inside
Give Her a Job
Focus On the Solution


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