Can't Take Him Anywhere? How to Stop ADHD Tantrums

Does your ADHD child suffer public meltdowns too often? Here are five ways for parents to prevent, react to, and stop ADD-fueled temper tantrums.

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3. Put out the emotional fire.
What happens if your calm "no" sets off a meltdown? Whining didn't work, so now it's time to embarrass you at the burger place with a full-blown temper tantrum.

Good! Take this opportunity to remind your child that he doesn't get to choose your reactions. You do. Even though you feel embarrassed, frustrated, and resentful, you are not going to match the child's screaming with your own. Yelling will escalate the confrontation.

Instead, assume a calm posture. Sit down, cross your legs. Color with crayons and ask your child to help. Pull your child into an activity with you. Being calm says that you are in control of the situation — not him.

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