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How to help ADD/ADHD middle school students with homework and classwork, social skills, and organizing.

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ADD/ADHD in Middle School: Surviving the Social Scene

Probably no one feels more socially vulnerable than a middle schooler. Preoccupied with fitting in, she faces peer pressure, new social groupings, the loss of a single, supportive teacher, and the physical changes of adolescence. The rules for acceptance can seem arbitrary, especially to ADDers, whose social skills often lag behind.

What Teachers Can Do

  • Hold class meetings that focus on social skills -- how to give a compliment, accept feedback, be gracious when losing a game. Demonstrate the behaviors and have students role-play. Let them learn from each other through feedback and praise.
  • Reinforce good manners and other social skills. To avoid embarrassing a sensitive student, offer praise with a discreet thumbs-up or a sticky note on her desk.
  • Provide group experiences. Have students work in small groups, a natural forum for practicing social skills. Pair an ADD/ADHD student with classmates who will be good role models.

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