Helping ADHD Children Adapt to Change

It's hard enough for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) to get organized and stick to schedules. Can ADD/ADHD kids also learn to adapt to change? Try these tips to help your ADD/ADHD child learn to adjust when routines change.

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Adapting to Change at School

Hand out an outline before you start a lecture. List key concepts or topics, but leave room for students to fill in details. When the lecture is over, hand out the completed outline, with all the important details, so the student can compare his note-taking with yours.

Teach students how to study for tests. Have them use study strategies in class; talk about which ones work best. Provide detailed study guides, so they know where to invest their time.

Show, don’t tell. Walk the child through tasks step-by-step, making each transition explicit, rather than expecting her to get it.

Schedule “take 5” breaks to avoid meltdowns. Some teachers put together individual “take 5” bags, where kids keep stress balls or sketchpads and markers to use to calm down during the break.

Teach kids to identify when they are becoming upset. If they feel their faces flush or their hearts beat faster, they should use a coping strategy you’ve given them to prevent an impending upset.


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