Hypersensitivity Is Not Imagined

"Toughen up!" "Don't be so sensitive." "I can't believe that bothers you!" If you have a high level of sensitivity to physical and/or emotional stimuli, you may have hypersensitivity along with attention deficit disorder.

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Hypersensitivity Treatments

How did I overcome my hypersensitivity? By following these simple strategies:

  • Honor your sensitivity. Don’t make yourself do things that are difficult. As much as possible, choose situations that suit your temperament. Highly sensitive people need more time than others to process the events of the day, so don’t overload yourself by going out in the evening.
  • Step back. Allow yourself your emotional reaction to a situation, but accept that there are other possibilities. Calm down, analyze the situation, and rethink it; pause for reflection.
  • Block it out. To avoid sensory overload and anxiety, always have earplugs and a headset with you to block out noise.
  • Tone it down. If crowds and noise are problems, find venues that are quieter and less populated — a smaller grocery store instead of a major chain, for example, or a small doctor’s office located in a home instead of a large group practice at a hospital.
  • Reduce extraneous stimulation by saying no to things you don’t have to do or that you just don’t want to do.
  • Make sure you’ve had enough sleep, or take a nap, before facing a situation that will be highly stimulating.
  • Meditate, pray, or use another relaxation method to strengthen your ability to cope with day-to-day challenges.

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