Parenting ADHD Teens: Discipline and Behavior Tips

Positive reinforcement can be effective in changing an ADD/ADHD teen's behavior. Make parenting your ADD/ADHD teen or tween easier with these simple steps for better communication, getting organized, and offering choices to reduce decision-making stress.

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Organizational Help for ADD/ADHD Teens

ADD/ADHD teens -- and adults, for that matter -- often lose items like wallets, keys, books, glasses, and papers. These mishaps lead to panic and guilt, which can make the teen defensive. The more a parent blames a teen for not caring about his things, the less likely he is to listen to parental advice. Losing things becomes a flashpoint that interferes with communication between parent and teen.

To avoid this chain of events, wait until things are calm and friendly, and offer suggestions in a non-accusatory manner. Say, “I know you have trouble finding things. That must be frustrating. I have a few ideas that might help, if you would like to try them.”

Suggest organizing the things he loses most often. Hammer a nail in the wall, or buy a fancy key holder, so he can practice putting his keys there every time he comes home. Buy a large red folder for homework and agree on an easy-to-find place to keep it. Have him practice putting loose bills in his wallet instead of leaving them -- wherever.


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