Smartphones to Help ADD/ADHD Adults Get Organized

Which smartphones, apps, and cell phones are best for ADD/ADHD adults? ADDitude readers sound off on which ADHD products help them stay organized at work and at home.

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The Best Smartphones for ADD/ADHD Adults: More Smartphone Reviews

"I use a T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant. I just got it and love it. I can access all of my e-mail accounts and can sync my personal calendar to my work Google Calendar." -Yolanda

"I have had several smartphones (Treo, Blackberry Curve, etc.). I just recently switched to a Nexus family smartphone. It’s a great device with a large, clear screen. The notification bar helps me with reminders, even if I miss or ignore them when they first go off. I can always check the drop-down bar as one central spot to see any alerts, reminders, and alarms." - mtnman64

"I've used a Palm Tungsten E2 PDA for about four years. It's fabulous, and it has an alarm you can select whenever you enter an appointment. It's always either in my pocket or on my desk. I store passwords in it as well as a zillion addresses and phone numbers, and I can play solitaire when I'm waiting at the doctor's office." -Michael

"I use a Blackberry Curve. It works well with only one exception. I have an urge to be able to actually write things down, not just type on the phone because it takes too long. I have tried other avenues such as the touch screen wing, the dashboard, etc. My issue with the touch screen is that it kept making calls while in my pocket even when it was locked. Nothing really works 100 percent for me yet." -mjohansing

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