Smartphones to Help ADD/ADHD Adults Get Organized

Which smartphones, apps, and cell phones are best for ADD/ADHD adults? ADDitude readers sound off on which ADHD products help them stay organized at work and at home.

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The Best Smartphones for ADD/ADHD Adults: Droid Reviews

"My Droid smartphone has alarms, apps to help, and more. I call it my brain and have it with me always." -Kryistina via Twitter

"Although I admit to having some iPhone envy, my smartphone of choice is the Android Motorola X. I love my Android smartphone; it’s great. I can do anything on that thing short of making coffee and cooking breakfast with it. Now that I think about it, I could use it for cooking breakfast -- with a cookbook app! Case in point: There are so many things you can use it for to make life easier. I have linked it up to my Facebook account and downloaded multiple games on it. I use it as a GPS navigator. I use it to find the nearest Redbox video-rental location, or any store I can think of for that matter. It is my window to the world in a lot of ways." -Ben T.

"Get any phone that runs Android. The widgets make it far and away the best choice for someone with ADD/ADHD. I have tried and failed with many different systems for keeping organized. I use Google Tasks, Google Calendar, Gmail, and desktop sticky notes (plus Anki flashcards), and Android keeps everything together magically." -awaymire


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