Smartphones to Help ADD/ADHD Adults Get Organized

Which smartphones, apps, and cell phones are best for ADD/ADHD adults? ADDitude readers sound off on which ADHD products help them stay organized at work and at home.

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The Best Smartphones for ADD/ADHD Adults: iPhone, iPod Touch Reviews

"It wasn't until after I'd started taking ADD/ADHD medication that I realized what an amazing helper the iPhone is for a person with ADD/ADHD. I put all my upcoming appointments into the calendar with multiple reminders. There's an application you can get that acts as a shopping list. Plus, there are a lot of free games to download that are perfect for the ADD/ADHD brain. I don't know how I got by without it before!" -ADDled

"I've tried Nokia and Android smartphones and the iPhone to keep organized. For me, only my iPhone helps. It provides a seamless sync of iCal, contacts, and the task-management program Things." -omg_adhd via Twitter

"I wanted to get a digital organizer to help me get my life together and discovered that not only is an iPod touch more fun than a regular smartphone, it is also cheaper! It has a calendar with an alarm system, a notes section, and more. You can also download all sorts of applications (some free, some not) to help you with whatever organization you need. I highly suggest looking into one if you were thinking about getting a regular cell phone or smartphone." -Katred


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