End the Chore Wars!

How to get even the most messy and disorganized children to help out around the house — without fighting or dragging their feet!

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Offer Rewards When ADD/ADHD Children Finish Chores

"If my daughter does a chore after the first time I ask her to, she earns 50 cents. I keep a running total of this amount on a whiteboard on my fridge. If I have to ask her repeatedly, then I subtract 50 cents. When I ask her to do whatever the chore is I remind her that money is on the line. Money wasn't my first choice on how to motivate her, but it is, so far, working. Sometimes it's about finding what will motivate our children. If the punishments and negative consequences aren't working, then try using something that she likes, and wouldn't otherwise get, as an incentive. My daughter doesn't get an allowance and doesn't really have any other way to make money so this is a big motivator for her." -KSmommy

"My children both have a weekly chore schedule. Each chore is listed with a dollar or cent value. When they complete the chore, they check off the item on the list, and at the end of the week they add up how much they have earned. They enjoy taking responsibility for their earnings. There is also an opportunity to earn extra money and a section for fines (for breaking house rules)." -michellesamson

"My stepdaughter gets to earn movie nights three nights a week if she finishes her chores without being reminded and without giving us any attitude. On the weekends, she has free days. We don't believe in giving her a lot of TV time or time to play videogames, so earning movie nights is a big thing for her." -Dlw5tab


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