End the Chore Wars!

How to get even the most messy and disorganized children to help out around the house — without fighting or dragging their feet!

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Explain the Consequences of Not Doing Chores to ADD/ADHD Children

"Frustrated with struggling with my kids about housework, I finally made a spreadsheet of all the chores I do around the house that my children were capable of doing. I explained that if they helped, I would have more time to spend with them and I would be less tired and less crabby! I told them to split the chores and they would only have to do them twice a week. They would have to do them correctly -- no sloppiness or attitude allowed. If they threw a fit, I explained that I would add another chore to their responsibilities and that this would take time away from doing the things they enjoy!" -ronsmom

"My daughter has her days when she doesn't want to do anything. When I ask her why she doesn't do this or that she says, 'You didn't tell me.' Now I usually let her know ahead of time that she has to do this before she goes to a party or a sleepover. If not, she doesn't go." -jinx561

"When my 13-year-old with ADD doesn't get around to doing her Saturday chores, she doesn't get rides to her friends' houses or her allowance. No money means no movies, swimming, restaurants, and skating. I always give her three warnings within a half hour of her not doing the housework I've asked her to do. If she starts to argue, I threaten to remove her bedroom door, which has helped limit the fights we have about housework. During the school week, I discuss the consequences of having a messy room or a messy kitchen. Dirty dishes mean paper plates and microwave dinners. Not doing her own laundry means wearing dirty clothes. A dirty bathroom means embarrassment when friends are over." -Anika


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