ADHD Reading: Educational Software for ADHD, LD Kids

Children with ADHD and learning disabilities often need extra help with reading, but that doesn't mean educational programs have to be boring. Read on for 6 programs and websites that help ADHD kids learn to read -- and have fun at the same time!

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There's a fair amount of software out there for children just starting to read or having trouble doing so because of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD). Despite the relative simplicity of the programs and graphics, many options do a good job of allowing kids to explore the sounds and meanings of words at their own pace, and with a straightforward interface. Pictures come alive, games make the exercises fun, and, on the whole, the classroom experience is complemented in a compelling way. We've highlighted a few of the more successful options out there.


Not all reading software must be installed on your computer -- more and more websites are popping up, letting kids do their reading online. offers four separate programs, each with their own activities to facilitate reading in kindergarten-age children. In "Ten Little Snowmen," kids follow written instructions for building an animated snowman. In "Four Leaf Clover," they click on animals when prompted.

The bottom line: Starfall's fun, free games can help teach reading.

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