ADHD Toys: Top 10 Educational Games for Kids

ADD/ADHD kids may learn in the classroom, but school doesn't have to be their only form of education. Check out these 10 ADD-friendly toys that will help your ADHD child focus, learn problem-solving skills, and most of all, have fun!

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4. Blokus

Ages 5 and up
This strategy board game has become something of a sensation, winning a Teacher's Choice Award and a Mensa Select Award. The goal is to fit all your differently shaped pieces onto the board -- a task that draws on spatial reasoning and logic. Invented by a mathematician, Blokus draws on the stuff of geometry class, without feeling like, well, homework. In fact, elementary school kids can play long before they've officially waded into proofs and postulates; we like to think it whets the appetite for what's ahead. Suitable for adults as well as kids. Think Tetris, on a board, without the mind-destroying music.

The bottom line: Challenging and fun for adults as well as kids. Like Tetris but better.


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