ADHD Toys: Top 10 Educational Games for Kids

ADD/ADHD kids may learn in the classroom, but school doesn't have to be their only form of education. Check out these 10 ADD-friendly toys that will help your ADHD child focus, learn problem-solving skills, and most of all, have fun!

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10. Uncle Milton Ant Farm Gel Colony

Ages 6 and up

Ant farms are so 20th century -- if you're going to invite insects into the home, why not make their habitat the futuristic 3-D variety? This Uncle Milton Ant Farm Gel Colony, an update on the classic science toy, makes observing ants much easier (you can see the tunnels from all directions) and eliminates the need to feed them, thanks to a nutrient-rich gel substrate. Bonus thrill: Getting live ants in the mail!

The bottom line: Ants on display!

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