ADHD Adults: Do You Want a Change of Pace?

As an adult with attention deficit (ADD/ADHD), if you had the chance to slow down the pace of your life, what would you do? Would you travel, spend more time with your family -- or would you even want to slow down, given the choice?

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ADDitude gave the prompt, "I'd love to slow down my life and..." Some readers with adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) answered that they'd slow down to spend more time with friends and family, traveling, and exercising -- and some said they wouldn't slow down at all!

"Plant a vegetable garden, home-school my children, take up a hobby, finish projects around the house, set spiritual goals. And that's just off the top of my head." -Adrienne, Florida

"Start an ADD/ADHD support group in my town, or find one that is already running and help with it." -Ana, North Carolina

"Why slow down? If I could 'change' my life, I would love to explore another country for a few years. I'd also love to 'flip' houses for a living. There's so much to do!" -An ADDitude Reader

"Work out more and take up hobbies. I had to fight to educate myself, get a job, and organize my home -- at the expense of my fitness and personal interests." -Dannel, Maryland

"Sail around the world to visit my kids and grandkids. Of course, that would depend on having not just unlimited time but unlimited money, too." -Cassie, Connecticut

"Go to heaven and ask God why my child had to have ADD/ADHD. At times, I am not strong enough to raise him." -An ADDitude Reader

"Start a psychotherapy practice specializing in ADD/ADHD and write a book on the topic." -Paula, Massachusetts

"Learn to play the piano, and make a five-year plan for my life." -Julie, Georgia

"Spend more quality time with my kids. I am self-employed, I work from home, and I have ADD/ADHD. Even though we are always together, we don't always connect in a loving way." -Dawn, Florida

"Pursue my dreams of becoming a recording artist and singing at the Grand Ole Opry!" -Deborah, Tennessee

"Sleep for a month to recharge from my daily grind. Then travel until I find a place where my personality quirks don't isolate me." -An ADDitude Reader

"Go on a cross-country camping trip with my family." -An ADDitude Reader

"I like living at high speed. I am making a bucket list of things I want to do, to focus my energy to achieve something positive. One item on the list is to make people more aware of ADD/ADHD." -Rachel, United Kingdom

"Open a school for teens with ADD/ADHD." -Lisa Joy, North Carolina

"Find time every day to forgive my kids and to forgive myself for overreacting to them." -Sarah, New Jersey

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