The Best ADHD Medications: Treatments for Adults and Children

Real parents of ADHD children and real ADD adults share how they found the best medication to treat their symptoms. Plus, when medications aren't enough, these treatments help!

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With so many choices for medications for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), we asked you how you found the best ADHD medications for you or your child.

Readers on the Best ADD/ADHD Medications for Adults, Children

"Strattera is still working well after five years." -An ADDitude Reader

"I was prescribed Ritalin, and it worked for a couple of months. After talking with my psychiatrist, he prescribed Concerta. It makes a big difference in my focus, mood, and relationships. Thanks to finding the best ADD/ADHD medication for me, I am not fuzzy-headed anymore." -Lisa, North Carolina

"I have had to increase the dosage of my medication only once in 20 years." -An ADDitude Reader

"I changed to Vyvanse, because Adderall, which I had been taking for a long time, wasn't working as well as it had. The medication switch has been good. -Charlotte, Alabama

Readers on the Best Ways to Find the Right ADD/ADHD Medications for Adults, Children

"My medication works for me because my doctor works closely with me to adjust the medication dosage as symptoms change." -Dan, Connecticut

"When a med stops working as well, I talk with my doctor, who looks over my medical records and asks questions before making any tweaks. Based on my answers, he adjusts the dosage or prescribes another med, telling me what I can expect from the change. I feel confident with his approach. -Judy, South Carolina

"When changes in dosage are needed, our doctor has been able to find the right one without a lot of experimentation. -Kimm, California

"My son's medication is working wonderfully after years of tweaking. I manage my ADD/ADHD without treatment." -Dawn, Florida

"We had to adjust my oldest son's medication, because it did not work as well as it did last year. Changing the medication seemed to make sense. Our doctor talks with both my son and me about dosages and side effects. She loaned me books and magazine articles, which are helpful to a mom who is uneasy about medicating her child." -Samantha, Florida

"I've had to change my daughter's medication several times. I know that it's time to change her med when her teachers tell me that she is not focusing well." -Mary, Minnesota

Beyond ADD/ADHD Medications, Readers' Best Treatment Tips

"My ADD/ADHD medication works pretty well. I exercise a lot to help it along." -An ADDitude Reader

"My ADD/ADHD medication works as well today as it did when I started it, several years ago. My ADD/ADHD medication doesn't 'fix' everything, though. In addition to seeing a psychiatrist, I work with an excellent therapist, who specializes in cognitive behavioral therapy." -D.,West Virginia

"My medication does not work consistently. I am seeing a therapist to improve my behavior. No medication makes ADD/ADHD go away." -Lynett, North Carolina

"Medication is not always the answer. It does not consistently improve my executive function skills. My doctor has tried different meds, but, so far, the results have been mixed." -Norman, California

"My meds do not work as well as they used to. I'm post-menopausal now, and I suspect that hormonal changes lessen the effectiveness of the meds." -Ruth, Minnesota

"We have to add a short-release medication to our high schooler's regimen when he has a heavy homework load." Amber, Ohio

"Sometimes it does not work as well -- when I am working hard, am ill, or have not been exercising enough." -Deborah, Tennessee

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