A Parent’s Guide to Getting Along With Your ADHD Teen

Readers share their best parenting strategies for keeping the peace (and maintaining your sanity) while raising ADHD teens.

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Best practices for coexisting with your ADHD teen. istockphoto/Thinkstock

Is there no end in sight to the fighting in your household filled with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) teenager anger? "My daughter always screams at me, 'Get out of my face. Leave me alone,'" says Kathy, from Salem, Oregon. "I know I need to give her some room, but who's going to help her if I'm not around?" A mom from Arkansas says: "My son keeps saying he can't wait until he turns 21, so he can drink. It's tough living with a teen who has ADD/ADHD."

Parents who survived the teen wars know that the battles become fewer and farther between as an adolescent reaches adulthood. But until then what does a mom or a dad do to live with a strong-willed ADD/ADHD teen? Several parents offer their best strategies.

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