A Parent’s Guide to Getting Along With Your ADHD Teen

Readers share their best parenting strategies for keeping the peace (and maintaining your sanity) while raising ADHD teens.

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Boost Your ADD/ADHD Teenager's Self-Esteem for Better Behavior

Give him credit. "There is more than one way to do something," cautions Faith, from Marietta, Georgia. "Our way is not always the best, even though we'd like to believe it is." As children mature, we must accept the fact that they may have found their own ways of handling life's challenges.

Teach her to stand up for herself. A confident teen is often a better-behaved teen, so anything that boosts her self- esteem is a good thing. "Parents need to teach their teenagers to advocate for themselves in school," suggests Judy, a former high school teacher, in Toledo, Ohio. "What's more, teachers are impressed with older students who can come to them and say, 'I have attention deficit problems, and I can't organize my schoolwork very well.' They are willing to help in any way they can."

Make him part of the team. Elicit your teen's cooperation at home on the principle that everyone is responsible for the family's success. For example: "If you limit your time on the telephone, I'll make arrangements to have your friends over this weekend for your sister's birthday party."


13 Parenting Strategies for ADHD Kids
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