Cyberbullying: Is Your Child Safe Online?

Is your child safe from bullying on the Internet? Online cyberbullying can be as cruel as anything that happens on the playground -- and harder to defeat.

Cyberbullying Tactics May Include:

*Use a cell phone to make repeated prank phone calls or send unwanted text messages to the victim.

*Post cruel comments to the victim’s social networking site or send unkind or rude emails or instant messages to the victim.

*Create a fake social networking profile to embarrass the victim.

*Use a victim’s password to break into his account, change the settings, lock the victim out, and impersonate the victim.

*Forward the victim’s private messages or photos to classmates and others. Sometimes the bully will trick the victim into revealing personal information for this purpose.

*Forward or post embarrassing or unflattering photos or videos of the victim.

*Spread malicious rumors through IM, text messages, social networking sites, or other public forums.

*Gang up on or humiliate the victim in online virtual worlds or online games.


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