ADHD Student: One Teen's High School Success

How one high school student with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) made it to the head of her class.

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Motivation for ADD/ADHD Students

What drives Julia Filegi? As she wrote in a recent essay, "I try to be a responsible person and a reliable friend. I study, work, volunteer, and go to church. I believe in God, look up to my parents, respect my teachers, and have hopes and dreams for the future." That essay helped her earn a scholarship to a university, where she will major in biomedical science.

She's had a head start. "When I was volunteering at a cancer center, two years ago, I saw so much suffering. I saw people who had half a face, who had an ear missing. I wanted to learn more so I could help them."

Few who know her have any doubt that Julia will succeed. Her list of accomplishments is long and impressive. The girl voted the "most studious" in her class also won a service award; first place in a district-wide architectural drawing competition; an Honor Student Medal for her top-ten ranking in her class; and a volunteer service medal, for giving more than 600 hours of community service.

"We always knew that our daughter had a big heart and was a giving person," says Jim Filegi. "But, with all the struggles through the years, we couldn't have guessed that things would turn out so well."

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