Get Organized: The ADHD Experts on Time Management and Decluttering

Manage time, battle clutter, fight forgetfulness, and be as organized as experts with these 40 tips!

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Michele Novotni

Michele Novotni, ADD/ADHD coach, therapist, and ADDitude contributor

Use this smart storage tip. I label storage containers in the attic, basement, or garage, so I can find them later. I tape an index card, listing all the items in the box, on the side, and update it as needed. I also try to keep like items -- say, kitchen stuff -- together in the same area.

Keep organized in the kitchen. I use Master-Cook software to store and organize my recipes, so I can quickly browse them by title, category, or ingredients. Having recipes on my computer makes it easy to send them to my friends and family.

Stick to two to-do lists. I have an Action List of up to three items to do now, and a Parking Lot of things I want to/need to do. When I finish the Action items, I pull items or parts of items off the Parking Lot list. This keeps my highest-priority items on the front burner.

Delegate tasks. I hire college kids to file papers and scan documents regularly to help keep papers organized. They love the flexible hours, and I love not having to do it.

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