Get Organized: The ADHD Experts on Time Management and Decluttering

Manage time, battle clutter, fight forgetfulness, and be as organized as experts with these 40 tips!

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Nancy A. Ratey

Nancy A. Ratey, Master Certified Coach and author of The Disorganized Mind

Get organized ahead of time. I set the table the night before for breakfast, prepare any ingredients ahead of time, and place them in plastic bags. All I have to do the next day is throw them in the pot, pan, or microwave.

Never lose your keys again. I attach my car keys to (or place them near) one of the items that I take with me when running errands -- letters, to-do list, clothes for dry cleaning -- so I don't forget them. Before taking a walk, I place the house keys in my shoes.

Use the Internet to be organized. Two words: online banking. It cuts down on paper to file, and eliminates the need to write down everything I've debited or charged to my account.

Back up your memory. Because I tend to forget things, no matter how important they are, I always tell a close friend where I've hidden a spare key or put a document. I also photocopy the contents of my wallet in case I lose it -- and I probably will.

Don't sweat the small stuff. I file related papers together rather than filing each one alphabetically in its own folder. The Office Equipment folder, for instance, contains the owner's manuals for my printer, computer, and fax machine, along with warranties, repair bills, notices of anti-virus upgrades, and so on.

Keep it portable. I keep only active projects on my desk, in either wire baskets or expandable file folders, so I can carry them around with me when I get bored of working at my desk.

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