Get Organized: The ADHD Experts on Time Management and Decluttering

Manage time, battle clutter, fight forgetfulness, and be as organized as experts with these 40 tips!

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Sandy Maynard

Sandy Maynard, ADD/ADHD coach and ADDitude contributor

Make it eye-catching. I paste logos of companies on file folders, rather than writing names on them. The colorful logo of Citigroup or Geico is easier to find than a folder with "banking" or "insurance" written in black or red ink.

End paper hoarding. I use a smart phone to hold all my contact information (backed up on my computer automatically with MobileMe). And I enter new phone numbers or changes of address immediately. No scraps of paper or business cards that inevitably get stuck to other scraps of paper that eventually get thrown out.

10-9-8-7… I create a launchpad for items that are entering or leaving the house. I put my keys, purse, and cell phone charger in a basket by the front door. Items that need to be returned to the store or taken with me are placed in plain view next to the launchpad.

Prevent clutter. I collect and sort my mail daily over a recycling wastebasket, so that junk mail doesn't make it to my desk.

Keep closets organized. For every new piece of clothing that I purchase, I get rid of one old item. That means socks with holes in them, too...I don't save them for dusting!

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