ADHD and Distraction: Tune Out With b-Calm

An ADDitude reader tested b-Calm, an ADD-friendly product that can help minimize distraction and improve focus.

b-Calm Noise-Cancelling Headphones -


Reviewer: Jane, California

"I am an accountant who has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), and, during tax season, I am especially distracted by sound, any sound. I tried noise-canceling headphones. They kept out the sound, but made me tune in more to my racing thoughts. The b-Calm system, with headphones and personal media player, blocked out distracting sounds while calming me down with its audio tracks. While I don't like the term 'audio sedation,' which the company uses to describe the effect its product has on users, the soundtracks do help me focus when I am crunched at work. The system is preloaded with four tracks. I like the 'Tropical Beach' track best, but, then, I am a Pisces."

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