Special Education Laws: Fixing IEP and 504 Plan Problems

Discover the 8 most common problems with IEPs, 504 plans, and school accommodations -- and expert-tested solutions for parents of children with ADHD and learning disabilities.

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The School Won't Implement My Special Education Expert's Recommendations

The Problem: "My special education expert thinks my child needs certain accommodations and services, but the school disagrees. Isn't the expert more qualified than the school?"

The Solution: Just because the expert has more experience or qualifications than school officials doesn't mean that the expert's recommendations must be followed. The law doesn't require the school to implement expert recommendations, but the IEP/504 team must "consider" them. How can you turn this consideration into an implementation? Provide the team with the expert's report ahead of time. This allows everyone to read the recommendations before the meeting. If at all possible, have the expert attend the IEP/504 meeting. If actual attendance won't work, request that the expert participate by phone. Either way, it is essential to allow experts to explain their recommendations to the team and to answer any questions the team might have.

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